Limit Technology and Screen Time for Kids

Limit Technology And Screen Time For Kids

Today’s kids are more technology savvy and smarter in using the latest gadgets like smartphones and tablets. Though, for school aged kids, technology is like a double edged sword which helps them with education but also gives some disadvantages. Technology is playing a huge role in helping students learn new things, play math games, do research, and improve the language. Too much use of smartphones and other gadgets can make children pay less attention to their physical activity, study and direct communication with friends and others.

Seeing the disadvantages, parents should limit the use of gadgets and screen time for their kids. Here are a few tips for your help:

Do Not Keep A TV Set In A Child’s Room

Keeping a TV set in your child’s room can cause a number of problems like sleeping issues, less study time, lower scores in tests and obesity. Parents should set an hour or two for the kids to watch their favorite programs on TV.

Avoid Watching TV Every Time

Parents must know that for kids, they are their real role models. Most children follow the footsteps of their Mom and Dad and you should pay attention to your activities. If you are spending your whole day in front of the TV and asking your kids to avoid it, is quite unfair. You should also follow the rule of not watching TV more than 2 or three hours. Just limit your shows and devote your time to children’s study and school work.

Pick One Or Two Video Game And TV Show For Kids

Parents should help their children pick their favorite 1 or 2 TV shows and video games. Before selecting a show for your kid, you should read reviews and get suggestions from your friends.

Put Time Limitations

Do not forget to limit the screen time for your kids by setting an hour or two to watch his favorite show or play his favorite game.

Encourage Him For Outdoor Activities

Find alternatives or other ways of entertainment for your children. Get him join a sports team at his school and perform other outdoor activities. Motivate him to read good books and inspiring stories.


Written by Primanti Montessori
Primanti Montessori School is a reputed and renowned name in the arena of Montessori education and infants care. We help children get prepared for the future with better personality development and enhanced skills.

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